Saturday, August 13, 2011

Personal Summary

The people working at the Atlantis seem to be sweet, polite, nice and they genuinely try to help. But as I see it they are not sufficiently trained in facts like the geography of the place, policies and so on. They seem to be acutely wary of anything that could get as a complaint to management.

That tells me a sad story whichever way I look at it: Management is at fault! It seems to me that managers either "kick down" and/or do not educate and motivate their people sufficiently.

A "five star" resort should have sufficient restaurant capacity to feed ALL their guests in a timely and acceptable manner.

If you still want to go there, by all means do it.

But do not use their library computers, at least not with your own USB storage media and definitely not on any web site that requires any kind of password.

That aspect of the Atlantis resort definitely is unsafe!

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