Saturday, August 13, 2011

General Remarks - Mostly Negative, Sorry

In no particular order just as it comes to mind:
  1. The very expansive grounds are a maze of winding, intersecting and forking pathways. Yes, there were signs but in my experience way too few and sometimes in "awkward" locations.

    Yes, we got a map of the premises; very pretty, artistically and creatively done with a large drawing of the signature Atlantis double towers and other large buildings. These drawings covered parts of the pathways; bummer.

    This resort claims five star quality and seems to be incapable (or unwilling?) to supply a small but precise little map like a street or city map. And I at least needed a "street map" in the maze of paths.

    Actual point in question here: I needed to go with the three older of my grand kids to a certain pool and ask one of the many uniformed helpers for directions. He does not know and asks a "managerial" looking associate; this man then describes a rather convoluted way. After the guy turns away my eight years old granddaughter turns to me and says "Opa, that is not right; that is not how we went yesterday!"

    She knew better than the Atlantis employee.

  2. The main lobby of the Royal Towers is easily a few hundred feet long with even longer hallways to and through the casino to get to the Coral Towers, the library, the conference center and some restaurants.

    In all these long hallways I did not see a single courtesy phone for in-house calls, not one!
    In my book that is not a sign of a five star establishment.
  3. You have to take little children through the casino to get from the Royal towers to the conference center, the library, the Coral towers and some of the restaurants.

    A casino with smoking guests and skimpily clad waitresses in my book is not the correct surrounding for little kids!

  4. The very best I have kept for last:

    For the record: I am a computer professional with 47 years of experience and still work daily with and on modern computers. My specialties are loss-less virus removal and tune-ups. With all due modesty I think I know what I am going to say now.

    I had to use the computers in the library because of my Internet Access Saga; if you are here you possibly have read it already. I wrote my letters to the Atlantis on my computer, printed them as PDF files and copied these PDF files to my USB flash drive.

    On the Atlantis' library computer I just pulled these files up and printed them. And guess what happened:
    My USB drive got infected with a well known virus that proliferates via networks and removable media!
    Thank you, Atlantis! Your computers definitely are not safe.

    What else is unsafe?

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