Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leaving - Some More Chaos

For the record: I had to leave separately from my family; they stayed another night in a hotel close by for a more accommodating flight schedule.

 Upon leaving another small chaos unfolds.

There were plenty of buses available to shuttle all the many departing people to the airport; but these buses had absolutely no storage for luggage and only a flat briefcase would have fit in the few overhead compartments.

The luggage was placed separately into a small box truck.

At the airport is a multi-lane drop-off area by the departure building. We got dropped off in the open on the left-most lane. Four or five bus loads full of people including families with small children had to wait in the muggy, tropical heat for their luggage!

When the luggage truck finally arrived it got unloaded on the right side of the multi-lane drop-off area UNDER A ROOF! Some guys in Atlantis uniforms begin to sort the many luggage pieces by airline according to airline name tags.

My duffel bag does not have such a name tag so I grab it directly and wheel it away while the other people are still waiting in the muggy heat.

Great service!

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