Saturday, August 13, 2011

Internet Access - A Saga

Here my letter to the Atlantis management about their internet access. For a change after putting my foot down fairly hard a positive solution was achieved.

Paradise Island, August 11th 2011

To whom it may concern:

We arrived at the Atlantis on Sunday, August 7th 2011. My wife did the check-in process and forgot to sign up for an internet access plan.

Consequently I signed up for five-day of Internet access online using my credit card on Monday, August 8th at approximately 4:30PM and received an access code. I could use the connection on Monday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday, August 9th I had already some major problems and was told that the problem was being worked upon and I should try again.

Wednesday, August 10th I had no internet access at all. A female Atlantis' Prompt Response representative promised to look into the issue and to call back. I never got that call.

Today, Thursday, August 11th I don't have internet access at all.

I see the futility of trying to get the issue resolved before I have to leave tomorrow morning.

I request a refund of my payment prorated for the days I had only limited or no internet access.


Eike Heinze
[full address and phone number]
I brought this letter to a concierge and asked him to confirm the receipt on my copy. He refused to do that referring to their, the Atlantis' procedures.

When I asked what the procedure was he gave me a 1-800 number and asked me to call that number after we had checked out. I told him politely but in no uncertain words that I considered that to be an imposition and a very unreasonable demand. I mentioned that this procedure would force me to have my lawyer take up the issue with the Atlantis.

I asked to talk to his manager and got the 10 to 15 minutes wait treatment. Yes, I waited patiently, I was sufficiently infuriated and frustrated by then.

After talking to an associate of his and some phone calls the gentlemen called me back to his counter and connected me with a lady in another department. I explained the situation to her, she said she would be checking the issue and then gave me another ten minute waiting treatment on the phone line. When the background music and background advertising went dead I first thought I had been hung up upon but the concierge claimed that the connection was still active.

After about another five minutes the lady finally came back into the line and claimed that my credit card had been credited with the full amount that I had paid for internet access.

This was two star service at best, not at all equivalent to the five star image that the Atlantis projects.

Added August, 16th 2011: I got an official email from Atlantis confirming credit of the amount I had paid for Internet access. What a hassle.

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